You can now download iOS 12’s public beta

ios 12 public beta

iOS12 public beta now available to download on the off chance that you ain’t afraid of bugs you would now be able to download ios 12 through apples open beta program. it includes animated emoji selfies streamlined notifications and a way to track your device usage. there’s also group facetime and improved phone performance.

We caution you not to download it on your main device. save it for a tester phone or iPad. In the event that you truly would like to play around on the main device you possess, ensure you back up the entirety of your data. The final version of the os should be out later this fall after apples yearly iPhone event.

In case you’re willing to take the risk first back up your iPhone or iPad and then brows apple’s beta software programme website on your iPhone or iPad to sign up your device. once this is done you will be able to download ios 12 over-the-air by heading to settings >> general >> software update.

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