When your workload builds up to the point of exhaustion and your body carries the wear and tear of stress, you are now running on survival mode.

At this point, you need sugar hits and other external pickups to give you that quick fix hit of energy.

This is not sustainable and undoubtedly has a huge impact on your health and happiness.

If this is where you are, here are 3 stages to manage stress effectively as well as easy techniques and tips to get you back on track in each stage.


Firstly, it is now time to RECOVER –  recoup from this destructive path.

  • Disconnect from the stress in your life. This enables the body to heal so it is then able to cope with the everyday stress.
  • Take regular deep breaths.
  • Introduce a gradual exercise program and fresh air.
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily to hydrate the body systems.
  • Change diet eating high amounts of veggies, fruits, herbs and nuts.
  • Avoid acids.
  • Write down what you will do differently beginning now.

When working towards choosing a healthier lifestyle and more physical fitness, with Amanda J Scott the most important thing to do is stick to the little adjustments.  It may be reducing your caffeine, wine or sugar intake or making time to relax.

Doing so will help you get back to your normal energized, effective and alert self.

Accepting and taking responsibility is crucial as well as being grateful for the small increase in your energy every day.


The next stage once the body is recovered is to RECHARGE that is to integrate back into a work balance that is sustainable.

  • Have work that is satisfying and rewarding.
  • Take time to reflect and grow from past experiences.
  • Establish healthy sleeping rituals.
  • Eat regularly to help stabilize your body’s glucose levels over the course of the day.
  • Regenerate the cells by eating food that raises your energy.
  • Have social contact that is enriching and fun.
  • Continuously stimulate and stretch your mind.

There are some behaviors we do that are energy depleting.  By recognizing and participating in the behaviors that increase our energy we can maintain a more balanced working environment.


The final stage is REPOWER and here are effective ways to permanently strengthen and empower you on a daily basis.

  • Reconnect and align with what is important in your career.
  • Commit to taking positive action.
  • Intentionally manage your time, where you want to go.
  • Realize that everything you do from now is your choice!

Avoid burnouts and learn how to harness, manage and control stress correctly. This will enhance your performance and productivity equating in outstanding results. The following are services that may help you on your journey:

– Create Success From Stress book

– 2 hour workshop

– Online course

– Private consultations