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In a time when the internet has overloaded us with a content of all kinds, it is natural that the different forms of promotion have evolved and today are shown with very different strategies than those that could be used in radio or television. A clear example of this evolution is the arrival of viral video marketing as an attempt to make videos that promote while at the same time entertaining the viewers. Although the qualifier “viral” is accidentally obtained by definition, today many agencies and documentary video production company in Dubai or else concentrate their energy in the elaboration of this type of products, since their effectiveness opens the doors of a close and committed relationship between the client and the product or service.

Viral marketing is called any digital marketing or advertising product that manages to spread organically in a very short time. To achieve this goal, the examples of effective viral video marketing, have left us some guidelines that can help to direct any project towards viralization. Taking into account the above, below we will give you some steps to follow to achieve the propagation of your video.

Quality and Brevity, the keys to viral video marketing:

To be able to surprise a client it takes only a few seconds, so a video of more than three minutes will not have any effect on it. Something equally important in viral marketing is the quality with which the content is generated, because if the message is not seen or is not clearly heard, the recipients will not have the patience to decipher it.

If they are not accessible, they are not viral:

The propagation of a video on a web platform such as YouTube or Vimeo has a lot to do with the titles that are uploaded and the words included in its description. If you want your viral marketing video to have an opportunity to replicate, look carefully at what you write when uploading it, those words will serve to have a presence when the search engine is used.

Promote your viral video marketing project in all social networks:

It is very common that videos that are successful on Facebook or Twitter, have been uploaded to YouTube before, we suggest you do promotion on all networks, observe and choose what works best for your video.

Viral video marketing must be original:

If you are thinking about following an existing trend to make your video, that will be fine for a few months, however, when that trend is forgotten, your video will also go out of fashion. To avoid this type of problems, better look for an original and innovative proposal that can be viralized on its own merits.

In spite of the fact that there are already many steps to be taken, the world of viral video marketing is still a little explored and open to new proposals. If you stayed wanting to know more about viral video marketing, here and here you can see two international examples that managed to get good results

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