Top 7 BEST Drawing tablets

best drawing tablets

Looking for a “Drawing Tablet” ? Why choosing an unbranded-cheap one? We’ll present you the top 7 drawing tablets in the world!

Are you a digital artist or an illustrator or a student? Whatever you are,if you are in the field of graphic designing,then you MUST have a drawing pad! But I’m pretty sure you are not Bruce Wayne to buy everything you want! So when choosing a drawing tablet,you should consider about both quality and the price of the drawing tablet. Whether it is the coolest tablet in the world,it should fit with your budget,else whats the point?

So which one is for you? What is the best Wacom tablet? Which one is more powerful? Which one is the most expensive? Which one has more features? Is that a mid-range one? How much resolutions does it has? Should I buy a budget one? Isn’t there a tablet for a reasonable price with reasonable features?

Just,wait we’ll tell you EVERYTHING!

#01 : Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13.

Don’t mind the price! Just look at the performance!!!

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 drawing tablet

Weight: 1.42kg | Dimensions: 367 x 229 x 16mm | OS: Windows 10 | Screen size: 13.3-inch | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | CPU: 6th generation Intel Core | RAM: 4-16GB | microSD slot: SDXC | Battery: 6 hours | Stylus: Wacom Pro pen 2

This beauty has a perfect,fantastic display,and the stylus they provide is the best! There are Express keys which can be customized! And yes it’s kinda expensive and we can’t satisfy about the battery life.

After all it is Wacom! The name behind every successful graphic designer! Wacom dominates the market,and there is no doubt,that Wacom is the BEST!. And Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 is the best among all other drawing tablets!
What makes Wacom awesome is just not the drawing tablet,the stylus – Wacom pen also affects on the quality of the Wacom products. If you take a look at Wacom Pro pen 2,you can see the interesting look,it is specially designed for you;graphic designers!
If you think that “Whoa! This tablet’s display is too small for me.” Then grab a 16-inch model with UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution instead! The model with 13.3-inch has WQGD display.

You can buy this on Amazon for $1798.95

#02 : Wacom Cintiq Pro

No lagging – Go drawing!

Wacom Cintiq Pro drawing tablet

Weight: 1.5kg | Dimensions: 410 x 265 x 17.5mm | Screen size: 15.6-inch | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Stylus: Wacom Pro Pen 2

This Stunning tablet comes in two models – the 4K 16-inch version,and 13-inch full HD version. Both of them are just perfect! But our top pick is the one with the 16-inch. If you use the 16-inch version,you will never feel that you are working on a screen! It has a stunning 4K IPS display! (What else does a graphic designer expect!) You should see its color accuracy and pin sharp with great contrast levels! Trust us,the drawing experience is unique and incredible!
Well,Yeah,its kinda expensive.But look at those cool features! You can buy this for $ 999.95

#03 : Huion 1060Plus Graphic Tablet

The tablet every beginner should start with!

Huion 1060Plus Graphic Tablet

Weight: 0.77kg | Dimensions: 360 x 240 x 10mm | Screen size: 10-inch | Resolution: 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch) | Stylus: Rechargeable Pen

Hello there beginner! This one is just for you! Wanna try designing,but afraid that you are not gonna fit-in? And still wanna “just try” ? Well then Huion 1060Plus is just for you! This one has a reasonable price and it is worthy for that price when considering the features that come along with it.
Are you working on Windows? Or Mac? No Problem at-all! This works fine on both.The stylus that come along with Huion 1060Plus Graphic Tablet is not as feature-packed as ones that come with Wacom graphics tablets,but still it does the job well. Guess what,Huion 1060Plus Graphic Tablet includes an artist glove,anti-scratch cover and more! There is no doubt that this is the best drawing tablet for beginners. However this one is not wireless and they say that this one does not has the multi-touch ability. You can buy this for $82.99 on Amazon.

#4 : Huion H610 Pro Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

Best budget graphics tablet

Huion H610 Pro Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

Weight: 1.11kg | Dimensions: 353 x 245 x 10mm | Screen size: 10-inch | Resolution: 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch) | Stylus: Rechargeable pen

Not rich,Eh? Then try Huion H610 Pro! It has a perfect design,this one is light-weighted and that means you can carry this with you! You can connect this to your PC via a USB cable. This one comes with a bunch of features that are worthy enough for the price of the tablet,for example built-in keys along the side of the work-space,rechargeable stylus with five nibs etc.
This isn’t quite stylish as other tablets mentioned above,because of its low cost. And the build quality is not as good as the others mentioned above. But when you consider the price…its perfect!
You can buy Huion H610 Pro just $69.99 from Amazon !!!!

#5 : iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)

The best drawing tablet released by Apple

The best Apple drawing tablet

Weight: 6.77kg | Dimensions: 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9mm | Screen size: 12.9-inch | Resolution: 2732 x 2048 pixels | Stylus: Not included

If you have a look at last year’s iPad Pro (12.9), you will see the uniqueness of it. Well, I know this is kinda weird,but iPad Pro is not a “graphics tablet”. But you can use it as one! This product come with a stylus included,but you can use third party ones or Apple Pencil.
The build quality is high and the screen is superb! Its screen is large,so you can draw without any problem. Trust me,this is unbelievably thin and light!!!
If you are looking for a graphic tablet that is made by apple,then iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) is the best! And after-all this is just not a graphic tablet,you can use it for many other purposes too!
You can buy iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) from Amazon for $778

#6 : Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The best drawing tablet powered by Android

The best Android drawing tablet

Weight: 4.29kg | Dimensions: 237.3 x 169 x 6mm | Screen size: 9.7-inch | Resolution: 1536 x 2048 pixels | Stylus: S Pen

A die hard fan of Android? Well this one is for you people. This one is not literary a graphic tablet,this is a normal tablet that can be used as a graphic tablet too. You can find thousands of apps on play store that are made to design,create,edit digital art.
This can be used to capture photos,to send e mails,to play games,to listen to music etc. So its good to have such a tablet that can be used for multipurpose.This one has a HDR screen and a great design too.
After all this is kinda expensive and its screen seems to look small;but remember the smaller it will be,it is easier to carry. You can buy this on Amazon for $519.37.

#7 : XP-Pen Artist 10S

Best compact drawing tablet

XP-Pen Artist 10S drawing tablet

Weight: 1.27kg | Dimensions: 301 x 209 x 5mm | Screen size: 10.1-inch | Resolution: 1280x 800 pixels | Stylus: Battery-free stylus

Looking for something small and smart? Then try XP-Pen Artist 10S! Thanks to the small size of Artist 10S,you can carry it almost every where! Its resolution is not that high,but after-all its portable! Buttons are at the side of the screen,so you can quickly change the settings on the go. The included stylus makes the drawing experience more responsive and accurate.
The weird thing is that this device requires two USB cables to connect to your PC. And you have to adjust some settings to get the best results. But we are pretty sure that you will be surprised after seeing what Artist 10S can do!!!
You can buy Artist 10S from Amazon for just  $199.99 . we recommend this as the best portable graphic tablet.

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