Top 3 underrated hip-hop tracks that you should have in your play-list

Everyone recognizes the rap legends, but the actual artists are the overlooked and undervalued rappers. Some have been around since the 1980s and 1990s, such as Masta Ace, while others, such as Louis Logic, are newer. But they’ve all amassed a devoted fan following and garnered the respect of critics and peers in the industry. Check out this list of the 3 most underappreciated rappers to see if your favorite emcee is included.

ericdoa x glaive – fool4love:

Eric George Lopez also known as Ericdoa is a Connecticut-based artist, rapper, vocalist, and producer who is 19 years old. Eric is also a member of Neil World, a well-known collective. Ericdoa is a multi-genre artist who often writes about his experiences in life and prior relationships, singing and rapping with a fusion of melodic electronic elements and heavily processed vocals.

Ericdoa’s latest single, fool4love, is about a girl he used to love but no longer does. Eric also discussed how his ex-girlfriend refuses to move back in with him despite his repeated requests.

Missing-Nin – LA CiENEGA:

Missing-Nin, a native Nigerian hip-hop sensation from Los Angeles, has created an impression on hip-hop listeners with his distinct, distinctive, and stand-out style of music production, near-perfect rhyme schemes, and mind-boggling flows. Missing-passionate Nin’s melodies and daring words have startled hip-hop listeners on every streaming platform with an EP called “Brown,” a full-length album named “CROQUiS,” On Spotify, you can listen to him at Eric also updates about all of his music in his Instagram @ericdoa (

With Missing Nin’s flow and full-of-substance poetry, LA CiENEGA creates a ghostly sound that develops into a dark tuned melodic progression with smooth 808 driving the entire beat deeper. It’s a short song, but it’s really infectious, and anyone who likes chilling out to 808 beats will play it again and over again.

Onlybino! – Clutch:

Onlybino is a hip-hop artist from Broward County, Florida, who was born in Jamaica and reared there. He taught himself to sing and compose music at a young age, which helped him launch his career in 2019. His natural talent to write memorable lyrics and catchy songs over a range of hip-hop/ R&B tracks have catapulted him into the forefront of underground music in the last year. Onlybino will undoubtedly find himself in the embrace of superstardom sooner rather than later as he continues to develop and share his incredible talent with a bigger audience.

Among these three, there are a number of underappreciated songs that deserve to be heard more often. These songs have an excellent balance of flows, beats, and lyrics.

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