The Best Online Desktop Applications for Digital Designing

The Best Online Desktop Applications for Digital Designing

The alternatives for the widely used digital designing software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are numerous but if these replacements turn out to be paid then there is certainly no point in using them. If you are short on budget and you intend to either learn illustration or become a digital artist, then instead of using expensive software and its costly monthly subscriptions, you can make the most out of free-to-use desktop and web applications.

We have compiled a list of the best 6 web applications for illustration design and editing that prove to be the right alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator.

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A free and open source illustration maker, GIMP is a GNU-based editor that has availability for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Being a free software program the ability to support cross-platform OS environments definitely makes GIMP stick out. While you cannot say that is a complete substitute for Adobe Illustrator but this free tool contains features and functions similar to Adobe Photoshop. A number of plugins for GIMP are also available that you can use to customize the tools and features further. The default features include high-resolution manipulation tools for images as well as a library of extensive graphic design elements.


A free yet professional graphic design software that is made for vector art creation. Since it supports cross-platform environments just as GIMP does, Inkscape can be used for creating and editing illustrations, logos, graphics, and even detailed map designs. A desktop program that is a great alternative for Adobe Illustrator, you might find paid software and app replacements for Illustrator but Inkscape does its best to provide you with a similar setting as Illustrator. However, its usability is a bit comprehensive so it might take you time to learn what each feature does but once you become well versed then you can easily use for your digital drawings.


Said to be a full-featured editing and painting tool, Artweaver possesses similar functionalities as both GIMP and Photoshop. What makes it so unique is its detailed library of predefined brushes that can be used for drawing, painting, sketching and so much more. You can even customize these brushes and use them for adding alluring effects to a drawing. The brushes might be the highlight of Artweaver but this tool is equipped with an intuitive user interface that supports multiple layers, a movable canvas, and customizable shortcuts. It is has a free version but most of these features and tools are present in a licensed plus version.

Vecteezy Editor

An SVG editor tool, Vecteezy is made for editing and creating contemporary digital vector graphic designs without a cost. It has an import option that allows you to edit, customize and download existing SVG format files in an extremely user-friendly manner. Whether you intend to create a logo or a simple vector design for your drawing, Vecteezy contains almost every feature you need for digitally transforming your thoughts and ideas. With its pre-defined illustration features, it makes it easy to create book illustrations rather than relying on children’s book illustrators, you can create the graphics yourself.

Gravit Designer

A professional vector design tool, Gravit Designer is available free of cost and yet it consists of powerful tools for digital designing. Adobe Illustrator is widely renowned for its ability to let you create graphic art but being a free tool Gravit Designer has similar functionalities. It is supported by cross-platform operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as cloud system that keeps you connected to each of your desired platforms.


A desktop-based application for graphic designing, illustration and wireframe creation, Janvas contains a full set of tools for making vector graphics online. This program is integrated with support for graphics tools that are essential for digital drawings. If you happen to be new to the field of design and illustration then there is no tool better than Janvas that lets you practice and create for free. It also has an import option that allows you to import media files and save them in three formats such as JPEG, PNG, and SVG. From template libraries to comprehensive color palettes, Janvas has everything a beginner-level designer would prefer.

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