Surefire Sales & Marketing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Surefire Sales & Marketing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Marketing when done right can skyrocket your business, or on the other hand when done wrong it can throw your money into a raging bonfire. Because as a serial Entrepreneur I know how it feels like when your campaign doesn’t hit the target audience. But hey, fear not, you’re in safe hands now. Here are some tips that can help you leverage your sales and marketing. Before you pass on any judgments let me assure you that these tips are the result of years of hard work. My friend from a web design agency was generous enough to share these insights with me. I have tried these and they worked for me. I am sure they will work for you too.

Sell the benefit, not the product

What most of the Entrepreneurs think is they are selling the product or the service. But in reality, they are selling the benefit. In this, you can either play on the price, the quality, or both. You and only you know the actual price of the product. You can either sale quantity of products or you can sell high priced few products.

In the end what matters most is that you need to give the benefit in a way that no one else is offering. Market your product benefit well. If you’ve something to brag about, do it in a natural way.

Market your product before the first launch

It is said that you need to start the marketing 30 days prior the product launch. And to an extent, this works pretty well. But the only condition is to do it with accurate intervals. Not too much, and not too less.

The idea here is to make your customer aware of the product. How is it different from the completion and how will it benefit more? Take time to market the features well. In this way when the product arrives, your customers will already know what to expect and why are they purchasing your product?

Test fast. Fail faster

Failing is not a bad thing. But not learning from your failure is certainly is. Marketing without analyzing it is a failure from the start. You will spend thousands of dollars on the marketing, but if you do not take out time to analyze the marketing campaign and improve it, it won’t do any good to you. Failing is a good revenue. You need to learn from it and move on. Failure is nature’s way of directing you to the right path. Listen to the signals from the universe and learn from it.

Listen to your customers

Good or bad, you want to know what your customers are saying. Provide customers platform to register their complaint. It is better for customers to speak to you rather than talking to other people. Give the customers enough room to talk freely. Let them curse you. Let them appreciate you. You, on the other hand, need to learn from them. Learn and pivot your strategy. Look what is working and do that.

Customers are the best source for learning. You need to make sure you do not upset your customers, and even if you did, make sure you compensate them in any way.

Instead of just customers, look forward to creating raving fans

You might look forward to creating some customers. But in today’s era, what you need is to create raving fans for your brand. Customers are old. What you need is people who can trust you in hardest of times, and they can stick to you just because you mean something to them. One great way to do this is to establish a brand personality. When you create a brand personality, you will offer the customers some ground to connect with them and make yourself a memorable brand.

To wrap it all up. I am a serial Entrepreneur myself and I know it takes a lot to start a company and succeed with limited resources. These tips were my golden ticket to success. After 2 massive failures, these tips helped me to leverage my business and achieve success. Use these and make yourself successful.

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