5 Online Tools to Help You Create Infographics

Infographics are tools widely used by professionals and ordinary people today and appear on social networks, websites, media. The main advantage of the infographic is that it allows a series of information to be condensed and organized into a small space on the screen. For businesses, media professionals, or any user interested in sharing a wealth of information quickly and conveniently, the infographic is highly recommended. In this article, I will list out 5 easy-to-use tools and services that allow you to create infographics, ideal for the novice or advanced users.


This one is already well known, but it still deserves a place here. The Infogr.am much more focused on the information you want to spend and the data than the design itself, helping a lot in time to enter the most complex information in the project. But still, it has lots of beautiful templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Besides, the entrepreneur has the option of making an infographic or using basic charts, such as bar charts. If you are looking deep into the content of your infographic, this is certainly one of the best tools.

infogr.am infographics


Another interesting tool for creating infographics quickly and easily is DesignCap. Once you register with the site, you can choose to start from scratch with a blank sheet or edit a template provided by DesignCap. All you need to do is just customize it by changing texts, fonts, colors, and layout of elements. Infographics are saved to your account and can be remodified, downloaded as PDF files and shared online. In addition, the platform allows the creation of reports, posters, YouTube banners, Facebook covers, logos for social media.

designcap infographics


With its simple interface and tools, Easel.ly has over 320 ready-made templates, with easy editing using the famous hold-and-drag. Despite its few features, it is great for those just starting to create this kind of content and needs something simpler not to give up the task altogether! In terms of value, in addition to the free plan, paid is the cheapest we can find: only $ 4 per month!

easel.ly infographics


One of Visme’s big bets to stand out is to allow online access to the content you create within your own platform by anyone you want, publicly or for just a few people. It has space for creating presentations, infographics, reports, web content, product presentation and wireframes; as well as “responsive” content to be shown on multiple devices. There are a wide variety of fonts, images, icons and the ability to upload your own images on the platform. However, in the free version, Visme puts a watermark on your project.

visme infographics


If you want professional, uniquely designed infographics and you can afford them dearly, Visually is the option. On the site, infographics are created by designers at a cost starting at $ 3,000 per piece. It’s salty, but it’s the price for excellence. Before, there was a free version on the site, which offered predefined templates and allowed the user to fill out the infographic according to their needs, including using information created from their social networks. However, since it was purchased by Scribble, only the Premium version is available.

visually infographics

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