Nine errors to avoid to protect your data

Nine errors to avoid to protect your data

There are breakdowns that cannot be prevented: a flood, a power surge, a disk that comes badly from the factory … Given this type of circumstances, computer users can do little.

So, it is worthwhile to focus on the mistakes that we can avoid. Due to the experience of our data recovery service, there are a series of apparently obvious measures that are not so obvious, given the frequency with which data losses occur due to not taking them into account.

Although many times people only start taking precautions from bad experience, you know what the saying goes: “The intelligent man learns from his own mistakes, the wise learn from the mistakes of others.”

So, for those who believe that prevention is better than cure, we have prepared this selection of advice based on real cases that have used Ondata’s data recovery service.

Recommendations on the operation of the devices

  1. Before formatting the disk, copy the data to another device.
  2. Do not cut documents instead of copying them.
  3. Do not synchronize different files with the same name.
  4. Before updating the operating system, back up.
  5. Do not put the hard drive where it can fall easily (on the edge of a table, with a cable hooked …).

Recommendations in family and leisure situations

  1. Do not put hard drives within reach of young children, if this happens so you can consult SSD repair. (Apart from the obvious possibility of drops or hits, password blocking is common, and other more sophisticated actions that maybe we do not even know how to do, like formatting the disk …).
  2. Remove the phone from the pocket of the swimsuit.
  3. Do not leave the phone to small children. (Do not know how to delete photos by folders? Well, my kid found out without problems …).
  4. Maybe less common, but we know what happens: take the phone out of your pocket if you get into a fountain to celebrate a goal.

If these tips are late and you have already suffered a problem that prevents you from accessing your data, it is recommended to turn off the computer. Any manipulation can hinder or impede the process of retrieving the stored information. The hard drive laboratory is at your disposal and will provide you with a free estimate for the recovery of your data.

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