How MilesWeb WHOIS Privacy Protection Can Help You?

How MilesWeb WHOIS Privacy Protection Can Help You

Are you aware of the truth that the contact details which you have shared with your provider while registering the domain is available publicly? Yes, that’s true. Anyone can check your details and easily get your registered email id and all necessary details. This gives direct invitation to the spammers to send you the spam emails. Therefore, to overcome such issue, you need WHOIS privacy protection. In this article, I will explain why you need WHOIS privacy protection and How MilesWeb WHOIS is beneficial?

Do you really need domain name privacy?

The answer to this question currently is ‘No’. But I am sure when you will understand the role of WHOIS in terms of protection, you will surely change your mind. This feature provides multiple advantages; the most crucial one is to decrease the number of spam emails. That is why, various website hosting services, provide this service at a budget friendly price.

What is domain Name Privacy?

Almost every domain is listed in WHOIS. The WHOIS is a database of registered domains and you will get domain related information easily over there.  As I said before, if your data is not protected, you are sending a direct invitation to the spammers to send you the spam emails. In such case, all your contact information like name, phone number, address, etc. is accessible to all.

Here, WHOIS privacy is beneficial because it protects your data and allows you to display only that information which you want to display publicly.

You might think that you don’t have such information to hide and you don’t need WHOIS. Then check below benefits of WHOIS:-

  • Decreases the spam and junk mail
  • Protects your information from the competitors that are doing research
  • Protects from stalkers, fraudsters and hackers
  • Complete privacy is assured
  • Prevents domain name hijacking

Why MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is India’s best web hosting provider located in Nashik, Maharashtra and incorporated in 2012. Their product list is wide. It consists of domain and Unlimited Hosting Plans and other hosting related services. Their hosting service comprises of Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, etc. Their data centers are located in India, UK, USA and Romania. You can reach their support team that is available 24*7*365 days. To know more you can contact their support team.

Why MilesWeb

Security is the foremost factor for every website owner. Looking at this factor, MilesWeb provides multiple security features such as Web Application Firewall, Acronis cloud backup, SSL certificate, Spam Experts, CodeGuard and WHOIS protection. If you are looking for WHOIS protection, you can consider a MilesWeb WHOIS service starts at Rs.455/ yearly. Once you register the domain name with MilesWeb, you are liable to get WHOIS protection. For registering the domain, you can check their domain plan below:

MilesWeb domain plans

Why do we need WHOIS?

1) Keep your account secure:

Just imagine your web hosting or domain name registration account is hijacked by someone. For a while you will get stuck,right? Not to worry, because WHOIS is the ultimate solution to overcome this type of issue. Protecting your account is the crucial factor to keep away hackers. For protection, you can use strong password that no one can guess and crack the same. Moreover, implementing two – factor authentication, a security token or a one time pass code which is sent through a message to a mobile phone. It is suggested to change the password continuously.

2) Opt for Private Domain Registration:

Getting a domain name privacy is one of the advantages to protect your data. You can buy domain ID protection from one of the domain name registrars at a budget friendly price.  As I said before, it is one of advantages to keep your domain name details secure.  By registering a domain with domain ID protection will block your domain details. If someone searches your details in WHOIS registry, they won’t be able to find information like email address, name, home address and contact number.

3) Utilize Extensible Provisioning Address:

EPP offers a high level of protection for your domain name. You will get a unique Authorization Information Code (AIC) for all domains and you have to give this code to the new registrar before transferring a domain name. If AIC is secure and confidential, it offers an efficient form of protection to the domain.


To protect your website you will get “n” numbers of factors online. Likewise, WHOIS is one of the factors, you can buy to protect your information. Found this article enough to know about WHOIS protection? If yes, do share the post in your social networks.

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