Leading Social Media Management Companies

leading social media management companies

What is Social Media Management?

“Social media management has the unique potential to remedy current operating challenges and to help companies derive greater value from their customer-driven strategies”

– Hagel

Social media management refers to the collection of tools,processes,software,policies and strategies that companies use to pursue a professional approach to Enterprise 2.0 adoption and external social media interactions.

It is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social medias like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn,YouTube,Pinterest etc.

How to choose a Social Media Managing Company?

First of all you need to pay your attention on the Social Medias that are suitable for your purpose. I will mention the top 07 Social Medias which are suitable for your business.

#1. Facebook
#2. Instagram
#3. Twitter
#4. LinkedIn
#5. YouTube
#6. Pinterest
#7. Google Plus

If some company or an association is leading then it means only one thing,people are beginning to like them and people are interested in using them. You know what? Facebook has more than 2 Million monthly active users and Twitter has 328 Million users Worldwide. So decide for yourself what are the best Social Media platforms for your business purpose.

If your Social Media Management company is across over the Social Medias that I have mentioned above,then you have chosen the right one,but it is not enough,even though your Social Media Management company meets those requirements but if it is not leading,then what is your point? So remember,it should be a leading one too.

What are the leading Social Media Management Companies?

1. Digital Marketing Agency (Chicago,Illinois)

2. OuterBox (Akron,Ohio)

3. 360Digital (Kalutara, Sri Lanka)

4. VJG Interactive (Newark,New Jersey)

5. Bruce Clay (Simi Valley,California)

6. Disruptive Advertising (Provo,Utah)

7. Mint Social (Scottsdale,Arizona)

8. HigherVisibility (Cordova,Tennessee)

9. SearchPro Systems (Nashua,New Hampshire)

10. BizDetox (Chatsworth,California)

11. LinkBlaze Marketing

Not only in Social Media Management but in every act choose the best. Good luck in Social Media Management!

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