“If I can change the life of one kid or one adult, then I’ve done my job.”- Hector Vasquez, an incredibly talented BJJ coach

Hector Vasquez is a skilled Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter who can easily hold his own in a fight, although he wasn’t always at his best. He grew up in a difficult circumstance where taking risks was a way of life, but with the help of a good coworker and jiu-jitsu, he was able to turn his life around. Hector is now a five-time World Champion and teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu to martial artists young and old at Cobrinha in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hector instills not only martial arts techniques but also discipline and confidence in his students. Hector has a very active Instagram account, @hectorvasquezbjj (https://www.instagram.com/hectorvasquezbjj/).

They say hard work pays off, and for this Southern California native, it certainly does. Hector Vasquez, a Jiu-Jitsu World Champion who trained under Cobrinha from Blue belt to Blackbelt, has created a reputation for himself not just as a competitor, but also as a World Class Instructor and Gym Owner.

Hector abandoned his day job and packed his belongings and went to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015, with the blessing and full backing of the Cobra himself, to pursue his ambition of creating his own Academy and training the future generation of Athletes.

Hector’s goal is to develop the next generation of global champions both on and off the mats. Hector has a terrific team of youngsters and adults who are always striving for top spots on the podium. Michael Alvarez, Liam Hill, Giovanna Canuto, Frank Cespedes, and many more are among Hector’s army of young athletes.

“If I can improve the life of one kid or one adult, then I’ve done my job,” he stated in an interview. Hector wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them BJJ so that they could either help feed their families or defend themselves against bullies.

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