How to Block Websites with Router

With a view to protecting your network from viruses and malware attacks, you must restrict some websites. It ensures that no one can access certain websites from your home network including your kids. In the case of the office network, you can stop your employees to get access to any unauthorized websites. Social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the soft targets of hackers where they can trick the users and spread malware. Therefore, it is actually important to configure your router for the security of your internet network. Today we will talk about some ways to block certain websites with a router. So, let’s get started!

How to block websites with the router

There are different ways to block websites with your router. If your router supports website blocking you can follow these simple steps to restrict sites from the router—

1. At the very beginning, you need to find out the IP address of your router. Type CMD on the search bar of your computer and click on the Command Prompt.

2. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the Command Prompt box. Click on Enter and you will get Default Gateway. You can find your IP Address here.

3. In the case of Mac computer open the menu by clicking on the Apple icon. Then select System Preference and go to Network and the next select Ethernet to see the IP address. Some of the common IP addresses are (for NETGEAR), (for LINKSYS), etc.

4. Now you have to log in by entering your IP address on the browser. The login details are given in the back of the router case. Follow the instructions in case you don’t know how to log in to access the back end.

5. Once you have got access to the back end go to the Security and select the blacklist section. It may differ according to the router you are using.

6. You can find the URL content filter under different sections such as ‘Firewall’, ‘Basic rules’ or ‘Content’ section.

7. You need to add the URL of the particular website on to the blacklist or content filter on the router in order to block it. Then the website will be automatically blocked at the source.

8. You can also access Keyword blocking options. You can turn on the keyword blocking depending on the settings of the schedule. You can also turn on the keywords blocking Always without depending on the schedule.

9. Enter the Keyword you want to block and then add it. Next click on Apply to block keywords effectively.

Different Router Procedures

These are some general guidelines to block websites with the router. It actually varies for a different router.


Connect the network with a particular web address. Then enter the password and select Block Sites under content filtering. Then you need to click on ‘Domain Blocking’ followed by ‘Always’. Enter the required domain in the blank field and next ‘Add Domain’ to restrict the website permanently.

2.    Linksys

Connect to your router with the required web address. Enter ‘Admin’ as password and then click on ‘Access Restrictions’. Create a name and go the MAC address field. Click on “Deny” and select the “Every day” and “24 hours” options. Next, go to the URL field to block the website permanently.

3.    TREDnet

You need to connect to the TREDnet router with a particular web address. Type ‘admin’ in login fields and then enter the password. Next click on “Advanced” and select “Web Filter”. Then you need to click on “Enable” and enter the address in the website field to block. Select ‘Save’ and follow the same process to block any other additional sites.

4. Belkin Router

Most easy to Use & Configure Router. advance Belkin technology Offers to block website & advanced parental control over your Home network. You must know how to set up parental control on the Belkin router.

Some Final Words

Here we have tried to show you all the required steps on how to configure your router to block certain websites in detail. As it is said restricting certain sites are very much needed in order to maintain the security of your internet network.  In case your router does not support website filtering you can also block sites with DNS. But configuring your router is way easier than DNS. You should keep it in mind that the configuration of the router may depend on the router you are using. So, do it accordingly. 

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