How 3 Entrepreneurs Are Shaking Up the NFT World with Moondusa NFTs

Justin Secreti and Corey Allen, two entrepreneurs and business owners, decided to take a leap of faith earlier this year, which changed their lives – and the entire NFT market landscape.

They created Moondusa – A Versace-inspired collection of 8,888 random generated NFTs of medusa heads with various randomized design elements. 

With the project powered by a dedicated community and immersive NFTs, it’s definitely one both NFT enthusiasts and investors should keep an eye on. The project assures to deliver on long-term promises by providing utilities and passive income to its loyal community, all while incentivizing members to become holders via airdrops, giveaways, and exciting events. 

Who are the Moondusa founders, and how did they create Moondusa?

Justin Secreti (s3creti)

Justin has been an entrepreneur and business owner for the last 3 years, launching multiple successful ventures in Credit Repair, Business Funding, Consulting and Marketing.  Amongst all of that, his passion for innovation and NFTs led him to create a best-selling NFT project with his long-term friend and business partner, Corey Allen. 

Corey Allen (coreykushington)

Corey has been in the music industry as an artist, singer/songwriter, audio engineer, DJ, and marketer for over 5 years. He has published multiple albums, written songs for artists across the music industry, and used his creative abilities to push other artists forward.

The Artist – Michael Porzio (Self33)

The artist behind every background, body, outfit, neck accessory, mouth design, eye design, and snake hair is none other than Self33, a designer well known in the cannabis community for working alongside the likes of Kodak Black and Tommy Chong for almost 10 years. You may have seen his logos and illustrations on some of your favorite cannabis packaging & accessories.

The Moondusa Team & Community

The team at Moondusa has worked long and hard to create a simple, yet immersive NFT experience. Through their surefire strategy to ensure long-term guaranteed success for the entire Moondusa community, they’re becoming a favorite among NFT community members. From giveaways, charity donations, and free airdrops to exciting events, the team is creating endless incentives for members to become holders, aiming to build a strong, robust, dedicated community. 

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