The 5 Free & Best Video Editors You Must Use In 2019

If you were looking for where to edit videos without cost, you have arrived at the right place, with the creation of social networks for the exchange of free home videos such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Snapchat and others, the editing and creation of videos ceased to be of the exclusive domain of professionals. Everything you need now is a computer with acceptable returns and you can now edit your videos and become a video blogger or make presentations for your projects.


FlexClip is a powerful online editor with an intuitive interface and basic functions, such as trimming fragments, adding audio tracks or photographs, and logos or recording a voiceover. In addition, it has a wide variety of templates depending on the purpose of the video, which can be customized by changing texts, images and music easily. Once finished, you can preview the creation, and save it in a high MP4 resolution. At last, FlexClip will also allow you to save the projects in a section of drafts, so that you can be able to return to edit them at any time.

Even though FlexClip offers a free version of the service, the exported videos have a watermark and some of the features are not available. You can upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription to remove the watermark from your videos.

flexclip best video editors 2019


FimoraGo is an application known for its incredible video editing software, since it is the app born from Filmora one of the best video editing programs. This application allows you to trim a video clip, create subtitles and text, speed up content, add filters and add overlays. You can also add different themes, such as a Charlie Chaplin theme, which adds relevant visual effects and, in some cases, music.

FilmoraGo is free, but you have in-app purchases from which you can choose. It is available for both iOS and Android, and is easily one of the best video editing applications out there.

filmorago best video editors 2019


VideoShow is a popular video editing application that has a lot of unique features. In addition to the standard editing and trimming tools, VideoShow has voice dubbing and even a built-in video compressor. A highly recommended application to make videos and edit them that also has features that allow you to leave your videos more fun, such as the ability to place stickers on your clips. 

In addition, it also allows you to free export your videos to various social networks.

video show best video editors 2019


KineMaster is a video editing tool with all the functions. It has a multi-programmed timeline with full drag and drops support similar to any editing program we find for computers, which allows us to easily import different types of multimedia files and move them with your finger. It is also equipped with solid video editing options and a wide range of tools to improve video quality. 

The functions of adding transitions, texts and voiceover are also available and best of all, it is a completely free app, what else can you ask for?

Kinemaster best video editors 2019


Magisto is among all the applications that we can recommend one of the best. Its objective is to convert images and videos into stories of only a few seconds. This application can improve your videos with a few quick clicks. Once you choose an image or video, you can choose an “editing style,” with options that include memories, storytelling, dancing, and more. Each will include music suggestions, but you can add your own music from your library or get music for commercial use. Combine these features with your video to help you achieve the effect you were looking for, giving your video an additional touch.

Magisto is free for iOS and Android users, so you should try it and see what results it brings to your recordings.

magisto best video editors 2019

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