How to fix Motorola Droid Max Random Shuts off?

In this article we are going to describe how you can fix the random shut down issue in the Motorola droid max, because this issue is the one which can cause a lot of problems as if you are doing some important work on your smartphone related to your business or something else which is important to you and suddenly your smartphone shuts down, you will lose everything and it cannot be recovered afterwards because nothing will be saved as you were still doing that work. Read the below solutions to stop this from happening.


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Solutions to Fix Motorola Droid Max Random Shuts off

1: Battery

One of the main reason from which this can occur is the battery, make sure that your battery is alright because if it is not then you will have to change it as this sudden shuts down are due to your battery. Check your battery’s health and if it is below 89 percent then you will have to purchase a new one and replace it with your old one as the old one is causing this sudden shuts off and you are not able to use your device properly due to that.

2: Overheated

Sometimes when the smartphone is overheated, it automatically turns off to let itself rest for a while, it’s for our own safety. But this should mean that there are overheating issues. Make sure that you do not use your device to the extent that it needs to shut down, do your work, and when you feel like it has been a while, let it sleep for a while and start your work again after few minutes or hours. This should solve your issue.

3: ApplicationError

There are many applications which cause this because sometimes when we download an application, we download an error with it, we do not know it but it comes with the package as it is internet. Anything can be downloaded from it automatically. So make sure that you have downloaded an antivirus and turn it on when downloading or loading data from the internet for your own safety. Sometimes, we do not download the application, but some of the applications we do not even know about are downloaded by it and when we find out about them we click to open them to see what it is about, from here on the error has entered into your device and will now cause issues. Remove all of the applications once if you keep facing this issue and re-download the ones which you need and not the ones which you use once in a month, they are not necessary for your daily usage.

Most probably you will have solved the problem by now, let us know about your experience with these solutions, and let us know if any one of the solution from this worked for you.


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