The factors which affect on computer performance

computer performance

There are a lot of factors which causes your computer to perform fast. Calculation speeds, Heat controlling, Read and write speeds of RAM, ROM and Primary storages are some of them. Here we point out those factors one by one.

01. Processor Speed

Processor speed is the main factor causes your computer to run fast or slow. Early days processors had only one core and had very low calculation speeds. But these days every processor has at least two or four cores and that is like 4 processors combined together. Also, the calculation speed is really fast as it is measured from Giga Hertz per second.

02. Read and Write speeds of primary storage

Commonly most of the computer users have hard disks as their primary storage and some of them have SSD s (solid state drives) as their primary storages. Hard disks normally have a rotation speed of 7200rpm s, and some of them still has 3600rpm. Having a hard disk with higher rotation increases the read-write speed of it. Solid state drives are totally different from normal hard disks and they have massive read write speeds.

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03. Size of RAM

You must consider RAM size as the RAM is used to run the system and every other application. Having a RAM above 4GB will allow you to run any operating system smoothly. The speed of the RAM is also important in this because having a RAM with a higher speed helps the computer to load OS much faster and run the application smoothly.

04. VGA

Video Graphic Accelerator or simply called as VGA. VGA is essential to get the video output of the computer to the monitor. Having a VGA with old driver version or low graphics memory heavily affects your computer’s performance. Graphics memory size is not the only thing you should consider when buying a new VGA card, but also the driver version is important because higher versions of graphics drivers always support with updates of windows and other applications.

05. Heat Control

Having a good cooling fan system or liquid cooling system helps you to improve the performance of your computer while extending its lifespan. If you own a laptop, use a cooling pad as possible as you can.

Hope these Simple explanations will help you to keep your computer well maintained and when buying a new one.

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