Draining Your Salary Too Quickly, Try This One Minute Fix.

In our last article we educated you on how to manage your expenses properly. If you can remember, in that article we had suggested that you have to note down every single expense in a small notebook. So did you follow it? For sure most of you might say “No “. Expency – expenses tracker and budget planner.

For a person with a busy schedule, it is not practical to note down daily expenditure. So today we will give you a much more practical solution. What if you could track your expenses by using your smartphone? Don’t get panic after hearing the word “Track“. By “Tracking“, we meant a mobile Application that can easily assist you to keep track your daily expenditure. You can easily download this application to your android phone from Google Play Store for free. Expency – Expenses Tracker and Budget Planner

expency expenses tracker and budget planner
Download Expency – Expenses Tracker and Budget Planner

Not only does this Application help you to record your expenses also you can manage your daily expenditure. These days everyone have their mobile phones with them all the time. So as soon as you make a payment you can easily record it in this Application. Actually I also use this Application

This Application gives you the ability to categorize your expenditures and record it in the correct category. As an example you can categorize your expenditures according to the categories such as Transport, Clothes, and Bill payments. Also this app gives you the luxury of creating your own expenditure categories.

By using this Application you will get a clear picture on for which products or services that you have spent the most, percentage of those expenses, monthly expenditure and also you can compare your income and expenditure. Since this Application is generating the expenditure report by itself you can easily manage your expenses.

From paying for a bus ticket to paying for whatever you want, this app helps you to calculate your monthly expenditure and by doing so you can figure out for what types of services or products that you have spent your money on more. By doing so you can decide if that expense is necessary or not. If it is not necessary you can cut it from next month onwards. After using this app you will get a clear picture on what your expenses are and also you will have an idea on what might have gone wrong previously. So you can put an end to your unnecessary expenses. If you are practicing positive thinking, if you are a person who is willing to succeed, managing your own expenditure is really vital and hopes this little advice is very important to you.

Download Expency – Expenses Tracker and Budget Planner

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