Epic Guide To Buy Headphones

epic guide to buy headphones

Willing to buy a headphone ? Then today is your lucky day! Here we will guide you to buy the most suitable headphone for your purpose.

Types of headphones

First of all you should have an idea about the types of headphones

In-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones
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These are also known as earbuds. The headphones that come along with your mobile phone,ipod or mp3 is mostly fall into this category.

What are the advantages of In-ear headphones?

 The main reason is they are portable. They can be easily carried. Because they directly place in your ears they have an excellent noise isolation.

What are the disadvantages of In-ear headphones?

 Usually In-ear headphones use smaller drives to maintain their portable form,and smaller drives mean low sound quality. The wires that used for In-ear headphones are easily tangled,and it is really annoying.

On-ear headphones


on ear headphone
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The next headphone type is On-ear headphones,which is the next time of headphones.

What are the advantages of On-ear headphones?

These are portable too. This can be called as the “Fair headphone” because this has a fair sound quality and it’s not too bulky.

What are the disadvantages of On-ear headphones?

 Though these are portable,they are kinda hard to carry. Noise Isolation is a bit low,because they placed on your ear,not in them.

Over-ear headphones

On-ear headphones
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AKA Full size headphones. They are so bulky and these are not even close to portable. But these have the best sound quality. These are mostly used in studios etc.

What are the advantages of Over-ear headphones?

 These are so comfortable. And these have an extreme power to reject noise. Since these are larger in size,these have great sounds. Larger drives = Good Quality.

So what should you buy?

 We believe that after reading this,you have an idea what to buy. But before you purchase something,consider about it’s quality. Here we mention some qualified brand names. We recommend you to buy one of them,because they are the best.

  2. Audio-Technica
  3. Beyerdynamic
  4. Shure
  5. Grado
  6. Bose
  7. AKG
  8. Sony
  9. Panasonic
  10. Philips

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