Do you have a good backup?

Do you have a good backup

At data recovery services near me, we frequently serve customers who have had a hard drive failure and do not have a valid backup.

Most computer users know that it is important to make backup copies, but the truth is that many leave it aside until it is too late.

If you do not have a copy of your data, today may be the best day to get down to work. Do not procrastinate!

But … even if you’re calm because you have a backup, you can take more than one dislike.

Why? Because it is as important as making backup copies is to configure them well and keep them up to date. It is necessary to check the operation of the backup on a regular basis. So, the day we need to recover the data, we will avoid this type of surprises:

1. The copy is not up to date.

These are copies that must be updated manually … and users do not. “I’m in charge of the company’s IT, I keep insisting that users take care of their copies, but I do not get it.”

 BETTER: make automatic copies.

2. The copy stopped working.

“We have broken the hard drive with the data of the company and, when looking for the copy, it turns out that the disk had failed months ago and nobody had noticed”.

 BETTER: check the proper functioning of the copy, on a regular and frequent basis.

3. The media where the copy is made has been filled.

“When I went to look for the copy, the disc had been filled a long time ago and I had stopped copying”.

 BETTER: if you have little space and lots of data, make incremental copies instead of differentials.

4. The copy was on the same hard drive.

“As the disk had a lot of space, we configured the backup in it, and now the disc has been damaged and we have run out of both copies”.

 BETTER: make the copy in another support.

Although there are data recovery companies capable of recovering most of the failures that hard disks may have, remember that it is better to be prepared and take a moment to update your backups.

And if in spite of all your sleeplessness you are persecuted by fatality (“My computer broke down and the hard drive with the backup copy the next day”), you can count on Ondata: the data is usually recoverable in 90% of the data. cases.

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