Common Struggles That All Beginner Actors Face

It might be challenging to break into the acting industry. Numerous problems might accompany this job path, and they can sometimes cause you to second-guess any decision you make. However, giving up is not an option to pursue your dream.

Here are some of the most typical issues that new actors face.


This may be a stereotype, but it is a daily struggle for many actors. Every actor must know their lines; otherwise, they will sound like robots or, worse, as if they do not know their lines. The more you practice, the easier it will become as you become more accustomed to it. Furthermore, you will gain a better understanding of yourself. If you require a week to memorize a page, you should begin practicing a week ahead of time! The more you practice, the sooner you’ll figure out which approaches work best.


It’s also challenging to explain the art of acting. You must be acutely aware of both your body and your environment. However, it becomes an issue when the actor becomes so engrossed in the part that they seem rigid or robotic due to a lack of relaxation.

Body and environment awareness are not enough, and actors should also be aware of what they are capable of. Many actors face these struggles as many people will look down on them. As a result, the actors lose motivation and leave their career before it takes off. Mj George, a talented actor, has worked in many Netflix and Amazon Prime TV shows. George has worked as a Stunt double for Will Smith in Men in Black II, which many people loved. In a recent interview, George said that” Trying to break into this field and achieve your big break will take a toll on your mental health and relationships with others. Few people are rooting for you to succeed. Many individuals wish you fail because if you do, it would make me more successful than them and show them that they were wrong when they said I couldn’t. Another issue I face is that I am taller and more prominent than the usual actor, which I am well aware prevents me from booking much work.”


Fear can completely derail your career before it even gets started. Doubt might cause you to hold back a lot, so you need to understand how to manage it. Give it time, and you’ll come to accept them and forget how terrified you were before. While you work this out, the best you can do is practice. Not only should you practice what you’re comfortable with, but you should also practice everything.

Acting is difficult. These are just a handful of the difficulties that performers encounter. However, as this blog shows, there is hope. And it all boils down to two things: practice and script comprehension.

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