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The Best Online Desktop Applications for Digital Designing

The Best Online Desktop Applications for Digital Designing

The alternatives for the widely used digital designing software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are numerous but if these replacements turn out to be paid then there is certainly no point in using them. If you are short on budget and you intend to either learn illustration or become a digital artist, then instead of using expensive software and its costly monthly subscriptions, you can make the most out of free-to-use desktop and web applications.

We have compiled a list of the best 6 web applications for illustration design and editing that prove to be the right alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator.

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A free and open source illustration maker, GIMP is a GNU-based editor that has availability for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Being a free software program the ability to support cross-platform OS environments definitely makes GIMP stick out. While you cannot say that is a complete substitute for Adobe Illustrator but this free tool contains features and functions similar to Adobe Photoshop. A number of plugins for GIMP are also available that you can use to customize the tools and features further. The default features include high-resolution manipulation tools for images as well as a library of extensive graphic design elements.


A free yet professional graphic design software that is made for vector art creation. Since it supports cross-platform environments just as GIMP does, Inkscape can be used for creating and editing illustrations, logos, graphics, and even detailed map designs. A desktop program that is a great alternative for Adobe Illustrator, you might find paid software and app replacements for Illustrator but Inkscape does its best to provide you with a similar setting as Illustrator. However, its usability is a bit comprehensive so it might take you time to learn what each feature does but once you become well versed then you can easily use for your digital drawings.


Said to be a full-featured editing and painting tool, Artweaver possesses similar functionalities as both GIMP and Photoshop. What makes it so unique is its detailed library of predefined brushes that can be used for drawing, painting, sketching and so much more. You can even customize these brushes and use them for adding alluring effects to a drawing. The brushes might be the highlight of Artweaver but this tool is equipped with an intuitive user interface that supports multiple layers, a movable canvas, and customizable shortcuts. It is has a free version but most of these features and tools are present in a licensed plus version.

Vecteezy Editor

An SVG editor tool, Vecteezy is made for editing and creating contemporary digital vector graphic designs without a cost. It has an import option that allows you to edit, customize and download existing SVG format files in an extremely user-friendly manner. Whether you intend to create a logo or a simple vector design for your drawing, Vecteezy contains almost every feature you need for digitally transforming your thoughts and ideas. With its pre-defined illustration features, it makes it easy to create book illustrations rather than relying on children’s book illustrators, you can create the graphics yourself.

Gravit Designer

A professional vector design tool, Gravit Designer is available free of cost and yet it consists of powerful tools for digital designing. Adobe Illustrator is widely renowned for its ability to let you create graphic art but being a free tool Gravit Designer has similar functionalities. It is supported by cross-platform operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac as well as cloud system that keeps you connected to each of your desired platforms.


A desktop-based application for graphic designing, illustration and wireframe creation, Janvas contains a full set of tools for making vector graphics online. This program is integrated with support for graphics tools that are essential for digital drawings. If you happen to be new to the field of design and illustration then there is no tool better than Janvas that lets you practice and create for free. It also has an import option that allows you to import media files and save them in three formats such as JPEG, PNG, and SVG. From template libraries to comprehensive color palettes, Janvas has everything a beginner-level designer would prefer.

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Type and Sizes in Printing

Luxury Paper

Every paper has its own purpose in every printing. With so many different sizes, types and other things to consider, it can be hard to know which will be suitable on a particular job, and when is the right time to use that certain type and size of paper. Aside from this, there are also different coatings and weights to ponder as well!

In things such as preparing for future jobs, knowing the type of paper to be used is very essential to tackle. According to the team behind Rayacom, here are some of the things that you need to know about paper stuff.


A size

This is the most popular and easy to distinguish paper size because this is the widely-used type. Moreover, this paper size is very simple to understand since it only increases and decrease in successive order, starting from A1 being the largest all the way down to A10.


Measuring 210mm x 297mm, this is the most commonly-used for printing. This is because of its different weights with several different coatings. So, there is an A4 paper that is suitable not only for any printing job, but for some special purposes as well.


This paper size measures twice of the A4 paper, which is 297mm x 420mm. This larger paper works best if you are aiming to print papers for more visual aspect, like larger graphic or higher resolution images

Since they are larger, they are enormously useful, being capable to print in both A3 and A4 sizes especially with faster print engines.

Other A sizes

Aside from the abovementioned, there are also smaller paper sizes like A5 and A6.  These sizes suits in printing flyers or other smaller materials. Also, larger options like A2 and A1 can be used in posters and banners.


Also known as the ‘supplementary raw format A’, this paper size is somewhat huger than A size paper. This paper type is commonly used for commercial printing because this can be bled, gripped and trimmed. SRA3 paper size is the most common on this type, which can be used in various digital print machines.

C series

This range of paper used solely for envelopes. It varies from C1 to C10 and it resembles to the same sizes in A sizes, however, they are somewhat bigger, so that it will be allowable to the same A paper size to fit inside the envelope.

Paper weights

There are also various paper weights available for different uses.

Paper weight is generally measured in ‘Grams per Square Metre’ (GSM). This is the measurement of paper thickness or density depending on the media quality. So, the thickness of the material is determined by the higher or lower GSM value of the paper. Moreover, it means that the thicker the paper, the sturdier the page will be. With that being said, thicker papers are commonly used for more manufacturing purposes.


Aside from paper sizes and masses, printing paper also has many different coatings. It provides a sheet a precise appearance, which by then determine its fittingness for a particular purpose.


Usually found in sometimes gloss, satin or dull textures, this coating can be colored. Despite of the affordability, it has a lower protection level. This can be used in giving gloss to a photo for a more professional appearance.


This has a higher protection level to printed papers. Moreover, it can bring enhancement to the printed colors.

This coating is applied as a liquid prior to the hardening process under ultraviolet light. This can be applied in either matte or gloss with particular glitter or tinted textures.


This quality keeps prints from markings like fingerprints or other damages. This coating is water-based, so it dries easily. This is more environmentally-friendly than other alternatives.


This refers to how transparent or opaque a paper is.

The opacity of the paper is influenced by its weight. So, the heavier the paper is, the opaquer it is.

This is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, the scale 0 being the transparent sheet, while 100 is the completely opaque.

Various paper opacities have different uses, like the more transparent ones are suitable for tracing purposes.

Paper types

Also, there are different paper types which have diverse usages.

Inkjet Paper

This is designed for definite use with inkjet printers. There are many forms of inkjet paper which work well with inkjet ink, like the photo, glossy, business card and greeting card papers. These papers have certain conditions to safely pass through an inkjet device.

Laser Printer Paper

This works best with a laser printer. This is suitable for more business transactions, like in printing cheques, address and mailing labels.

Meanwhile, here are the common paper types:


This is one of the most frequently used, since this can be used in everyday printing tasks. It is finished with a white coating, helping the ink to dry faster, which is why this is suitable for any urgent documents.

Bright White

This is much smoother, and non-textured, making it perfect for presentable double-sided printing. Its brightness ensures that both sides of the paper are reproduced on without messier effect on each side of the paper.


This is usually used in printing photographs instead of texts because it can produce vivid colors and sharp images. Its surface is ink-absorber, producing higher image clarity than from matte paper.

Card Stock

A sturdy paper type, this is often used in scrapbooks and in business cards and postcards. It is much thicker than the other printer paper types, that is why this is tougher and can be carried without becoming dilapidated.


This type is somewhat heavier than traditional papers, and because of its off-white look, this is unique from printer papers. It has an ivory or cream tone and commonly used for CVs and other important documents, providing high importance look on the document.

How Does Content Marketing Support Digital Marketing?

wikipedia page

The business operations always look for ways through which they can be able to contemplate on making these operations to be efficient and productive. In this era of digitization and technological advancement people consider and progress on the digital mediums to make this happen. They have the urge to improve the terms of business for the internal members of the organization as well as making it better for the customers and external stakeholders.

Marketing has been one of the important elements of the business operations and thus the same is also made to be progressed with the technological and digital mediums. Things have changed from digital marketing to digital marketing to make it more effective and productive. Digital marketing refers to marketing the products or services through digital mediums like mobile, computer and such others. Also, platforms have been created for digital media which are also becoming an aid for making the marketing to be more proficient and results oriented.

Digital marketing has different types are content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PPC and such others but I think content marketing is one of the most important and essential types of digital marketing. I think every kind of digital marketing requires some kind of content and thus it is involved in every type of digital marketing. Here are some ways of how content marketing could support digital marketing.

Content Marketing As a Proper Digital Marketing Method

You can use content marketing as a proper technique of digital marketing where you could publish blogs and articles in order to make the brand or product to be marketed through words. Content marketing lets the target audience to be attracted or made aware of your product through the writings and it is a legit technique of digital marketing that companies do use in today’s world.

Content is Required For SEO

SEO or Search engine optimization which is another common technique of digital marketing makes the contemplations on bringing the traffic on the website or homepage of any brand or business through keywords. The keywords are used to gain attraction or attention of the clients and thus it is then made possible for the company to increase the traffic. But if we see the game of keywords here it states that content is the again the base of this strategy or technique of digital marketing and without content, it could not make the considerations on getting the effective results from the technique. Such as a Wikipedia page creator could not have anything done without accurate and effective content which is why content is required for everything that has SEO.

Social Media Marketing is Also Similar to Content Marketing

Well, although it is said that social media marketing is a form of digital marketing but it would be rightly said that it is like the content marketing. Social media marketing is about getting the posts that are interactive, engaging and informative to be posted on social media platforms. It is again about how you generate the content which is the base of this marketing technique too and in one way or the other content marketing is involved in social media marketing as well.

Content to Attract Customers to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as stated above in the discussions is entirely based on digital marketing. Without content possibly the digital marketing might not have the chance to make an impact. Whether it is about content through written posts or graphical posts. One of these content is required in any kind of digital marketing and thus it could be said that content is the only way to attract customers in digital marketing.

While people think about what kind of digital marketing they should opt for getting their business to be promoted I think people should focus more on what platform should be chosen to get the marketing done as each of the types or kinds of digital marketing is differentiated through platform and the way to get the marketing in any of the methods is through content marketing. Thus, it could be said that if they decide what the right platform is, they will be able to conduct digital marketing with effective means to get amazing results. So now you know why content marketing was said to be the base of digital marketing in the opening of this article.

Viral Video Marketing, a Portal of Opportunities

video marketing

In a time when the internet has overloaded us with a content of all kinds, it is natural that the different forms of promotion have evolved and today are shown with very different strategies than those that could be used in radio or television. A clear example of this evolution is the arrival of viral video marketing as an attempt to make videos that promote while at the same time entertaining the viewers. Although the qualifier “viral” is accidentally obtained by definition, today many agencies and documentary video production company in Dubai or else concentrate their energy in the elaboration of this type of products, since their effectiveness opens the doors of a close and committed relationship between the client and the product or service.

Viral marketing is called any digital marketing or advertising product that manages to spread organically in a very short time. To achieve this goal, the examples of effective viral video marketing, have left us some guidelines that can help to direct any project towards viralization. Taking into account the above, below we will give you some steps to follow to achieve the propagation of your video.

Quality and Brevity, the keys to viral video marketing:

To be able to surprise a client it takes only a few seconds, so a video of more than three minutes will not have any effect on it. Something equally important in viral marketing is the quality with which the content is generated, because if the message is not seen or is not clearly heard, the recipients will not have the patience to decipher it.

If they are not accessible, they are not viral:

The propagation of a video on a web platform such as YouTube or Vimeo has a lot to do with the titles that are uploaded and the words included in its description. If you want your viral marketing video to have an opportunity to replicate, look carefully at what you write when uploading it, those words will serve to have a presence when the search engine is used.

Promote your viral video marketing project in all social networks:

It is very common that videos that are successful on Facebook or Twitter, have been uploaded to YouTube before, we suggest you do promotion on all networks, observe and choose what works best for your video.

Viral video marketing must be original:

If you are thinking about following an existing trend to make your video, that will be fine for a few months, however, when that trend is forgotten, your video will also go out of fashion. To avoid this type of problems, better look for an original and innovative proposal that can be viralized on its own merits.

In spite of the fact that there are already many steps to be taken, the world of viral video marketing is still a little explored and open to new proposals. If you stayed wanting to know more about viral video marketing, here and here you can see two international examples that managed to get good results

5 Steps To Make A Killer Explainer Video

explainer videos

Did you know an explainer animated video can increase your business sales by up to 20%? It is an excellent marketing style that can promote your products and generate more leads for your business to do that you need proper guidelines or it can hold back your promotions.

So here are five necessary steps to make a killer explainer video for your business.

Step #1: write an engaging script

A script is the backbone of any video. An explainer video, as depicted by the name, explains how your brand, company, and services work in a summarized form. Your video script needs to have all these three factors for it to be compelling.

You can start by making mind maps. Know your audience and create a creative brief which includes your goals and visions, the main message and a proper call-to-action to guide your customers through.

Find a balance between the word count and the time of the video. For instance, if your video is of 30 sec, make an 85 words long script for the video. Finding a perfect balance is the key!

Step #2: choose the right animation style

The key to creating a successful animated video for your business is to select the right type of explainer video to go with your business. There are many types of animation videos that you can choose from. The most common types that animated video explainer studio or companies use are the whiteboard animations, typography, 2d/3d animations, corporate videos, etc. the right style o video can take your business to miles!

Step #3: create animations

There is a comprehensive process before a video goes for animation. This step includes making illustration and characters for the animation. When explaining your product, service or brand, you need to keep these illustrations as simple as possible. Remember that you want to protect your information in a friendly, connecting and memorable way.

An animation for display can be damaging if various animations are jumping around in all the corners of the video distracting the viewers from perceiving the message. Consider this as a general rule, create a simple, fun and canny!

Step #4: the voice over

Once you have the animation in hand, you need to add the voice over of the scrip that you wrote in the first step along with an attractive soundtrack to engage the masses. Remember that you need a professional to do the job. The script must be read clearly, and with the correct pronunciation of the words, so it gets more comfortable for the people to understand it. After all, what’s the point of adding a voice over that can not be interpreted?

Step #5: share your video and enjoy the publicity

You carried the whole process of making a video for a reason. Moreover, that reason is to share it with the audience to generate more leads to your website. Use the power of an explainer video to tell a captivating story and communicate your ideas in a fun way. Once you’ve combined all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to upload your video on the social network.

An explainer video is great in complexity, but it gets you the attention you want. It is mostly used by business to get their message out the masses. It is considered an effective way of marketing and promoting a business. With that said, there are many cost-effective ways of making your own explainer video that can work out for your benefit. Moreover, these guidelines will help you to create a fun and innovative video for your company.

Check Your Sentence For Grammar Mistakes Online

Grammar Mistakes

The English Language is one of the world’s most highly-evolving languages that is constantly changing. The richness and constant change make it tough for most people to keep track of the new rules and changes in the language. Therefore, it is important and wise to use to check your sentences for Grammar mistakes online using Grammar Checkers and Sentence Checkup Tools online.

There are a number of English Language checker tools available on the internet but here you can find the list of best Grammar Checker and SentenceCheckup tools that are easy to use, free to use, popular and widely available online.

Here you go with the best Grammar and Sentence Checkers:

Grammarly: Grammarly is a famous, comprehensive, free and online grammar checker that is used by more than 10 million people worldwide including students, writers, teachers, professionals, etc. It also provides punctuation checking options, plagiarism detection, and vocabulary enhancement options as well. Grammarly software extension is also available, which can be added to the browser and used to auto-correct many mistakes made while typing.

WhiteSmokes: WhiteSmoke is a Grammar check tool available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac, Android, and Ios that is not only used to corrects grammatical errors but also provides clear, easy to understand and detailed explanations of the mistakes.

After the Deadline: After the Deadline is an online grammar checker tool that is easy, free to use and online available The tool looks for grammar mistakes and punctuation errors within the content to be checked, which is entered in the text box.

Online Correction: Online Correction is a simple, sleek and easy to use sentence checkup tool that checks text in multiple areas for grammar, vocabulary and in general language check. Online Correction is not only used for this purpose but also as a spelling correction tool, proofreading tool, and punctuation correction tool.

Ginger Software: Ginger Software is one of the best grammar checkers available on the internet. Ginger Software has a vast selection of tools available varying from grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes check, synonym and word substitution options, etc. Besides, Ginger Software is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Mac.

English Grammar 101: English Grammar 101 is an English grammar textbook styled English grammar check and learning tool that not only check the content for grammatical mistakes but also contains lessons in chapters, which makes learning, understanding easier.

Grammar Lookup: Grammar Lookup is a handy tool that is used to proofread, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes with ease, which can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is free, available online and can be used without any registration or sign up.

How To Keep An Eye On Teens Whatsapp Conversation?

Teens Whatsapp Conversation

WhatsApp instant messaging app is one of the most fascinating and popular social media apps these days. When it comes to free text messaging, chat conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and Voice calls. WhatsApp is the most reliable and secure instant messaging app due to its end to end encryption. However, the social messaging app has user – the friendly configuration that provides user facility to use it with ease and calmness. According to the resources in the third world, even non-tech savvy people are using the messenger to the fullest due to its interface. Moreover, it has millions of active users and people are still joining the social media platform.

Young generation & obsession with WhatsApp

All the contemporary social networking apps provide users with plenty of features that help the user to have effective communication grounds. However, WhatsApp provides user one of the most secured communication processes that keep your chat and data secure and it is impossible to get access in the enclave of the instant messaging app. Young kids and teens can send and receive text messages, text conversations, multimedia as photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages. So, having such amount of exciting tools teens are using it for negative purposes and they have become addicted to the social messaging app. Therefore, WhatsApp could be dangerous and the use of its tools may put teens into a dangerous situation.

How WhatsApp is vulnerable to children?

Today young kids and teens have an obsession with social media and they spend all day long on their cell phones, tablets, pads and others devices connected to the internet and use WhatsApp messenger on their devices. So, they use the social media app to send messages and do conversations with online added friends that also exist in their mobile phone contacts.

However, if someone has anyone’s mobile phone number then you can send messages and audio and video calls on the messenger. Moreover, they can share media like photos and videos that can be viewed by everyone. Young kids and a teen have the habit of sharing their compromising photos and videos and can view the videos of others that could be based on inappropriate content.

If someone has an affair with someone then they can send and receive messages that are unethical and can lead young kids and teens for sexual excitement. On the other hands, sexting is the habits that have been reportedly found among the young generation. If the WhatsApp has become a sexting tool for the young generation then what is the tool to monitor WhatsApp activities of teens including teens. Therefore, you can spy on the WhatsApp messenger using Whatsapp monitoring app to keep an eye on the messenger’s activities.

Install cell phone spy software on teen’s cell phone

Initially, you have to monitor the target cell phone device on which the social media app is running at the moment. Then you need to subscribe for the cell phone spy app and you will get credentials such as pass-code and ID. Moreover, you need to get physical access to the target cell phone device and then install the mobile phone surveillance software on the target device. Once you have installed the cell phone tracking app on the target smartphone, then you need to activate it on the target device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can visit the WhatsApp spy tools that can help you out to keep an eye on the target device and as well as the WhatsApp account.

IM’s social media

You can use this tool to monitor WhatsApp and you can view WhatsApp logs such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and Whatsapp Voice calls.


You can use this tool and can view all the keystrokes applied to the target device such as passwords keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and messages keystrokes. Once you have all of it, you can check element of sexting in their text conversations to the fullest.

Live WhatsApp screen recording

You can do live WhatsApp screen recording and can make short videos of the screen when the target person is texting via the social messaging app. You can view the element of sexting by visiting the recorded videos accessing the online control panel.


You can use mobile phone spy app that provides you WhatsApp spy tools to view the element of sexting in the text conversations of teens on the messenger.

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The Best Restful API Design Tools And Methods

API Design Tools

Developers have different approaches about RESTful API design, but they all agree upon the essential elements of API design. These tools might solve your RESTful API design issues and guide you supportively through the designing process.

What are those different approaches?

  1. Model approach,
  2. Open process approach,
  3. Tool selection approach.

There are some more approaches, but we wanted to stress out the most common and the most useful ones. We will explain all three, with an overview of the API design tool elements.

Open Process Approach

Open one is the most common and it focuses on supporting the API design process, directing the possible constraints to the APIs to handle them.

Model approach

Model is the specification approach. It got this name as it starts with a specification of a RESTful API. It further supports and follows the adaptation according to the requirements of individual projects.

The goal here is to produce the best RESTful API structures, but sometimes structures for all APIs. The second case occurs when the API should lend itself to a specific function. By using the model approach, you will do the same things, but in different places. This actually has as a result reduction of confusion or errors among the developers. Additionally, this approach facilitates security, too.

Tool selection approach

There are many useful RESTful API designing tools. For example, Swagger’s suite, MuleSoft’s API management tool, or Stoplight’s API design tool.

It is important to go for the most complete API design set of tools which provides validation tools at the same time.

Google, Amazon, or Microsoft own the tools that might facilitate the use of the cloud services models.

If you are thinking in advance, but in the long run, then you should go for API design specifications or model-driven approach. APIs are getting more complex every day, bear that in mind. Maybe you favor the open model approach, but try to use, for example, models and specifications. This will be good preparation for the API design future.

API design element tools

Every approach uses various tools in order to fix the issues during the RESTful API design process. Out of many API design tools (API cataloging, model enforcement, visualization, testing), it might be difficult to figure out which one is the right one for solving the issues.

Testing should be an essential part of an API design process. API visualization is usually a part of testing, as a technique. Management includes API testing at least in a few levels. Many API testing tools require payments, depending on the features the tool provides.

API cataloging is the central element of the process. It actually makes the API definitions available. API cataloging sometimes includes and drive processes of API management. Some companies offer free catalog tools. When picking the catalog tools, make sure they give a catalog that is easily browsed by your computer.

API visualization frames a graphical API review to the users and enables the interaction of the users and the services. Some of the free available visualization tools that are available offer limited capacities. For example, Swagger UI is one of the most popular providers of API visualization tools.

If you want to avoid risks during implementation, then you should go for API code generation. This tool comes in a package with the catalog solution most of the times. The biggest advantage of code generation is that it facilitates the changes made during the process.


It is up to you which RESTful API approach you are about to chose. The open model provides many benefits, but it surely needs a back up from one of the other models. APIs and API design processes are growing big every day, so you would have to keep up the trend with the improvements. Using some of the element tools will ease up the whole process and bring a solution for eventual errors.

5 Relaxation App to Calm Down and Rediscover the Inspiration

relax apps

Yes, relax, take a break. Even your brain, like the rest of your body, can be tired.

Stress is his greatest enemy and to combat it he must de-concentrate, divert, think of something else, let his thoughts flow.

Easier said than done, you’ll think.

There are several strategies that you can actually put in place to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Today you can also ask for help in technology such as using one of these relaxing apps that can help you find calm and inspiration.

Take a break and recharge your brain with one of these relaxing apps

There are studies that demonstrate, tests in hand, that 10 minutes of meditation a day is sufficient to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

From this point of view, your device is not exactly a good ally as it helps to increase the levels of cortisol in the blood.

Yet there are apps that can help you find the right relaxation.

Such as Headspace, an application of mental coaching specifically designed to promote meditation and psychic rest.

Or Calm, which Apple named as the best osX app of 2017. Rich in soundtracks and relaxing images, it also offers tips and suggestions for daily relaxation. Not surprisingly, it was a great success.

But if you want to get rid of all kinds of negativity then you should try Personal Zen. If you are inclined to see the glass half empty, this sweet relaxation app is a real breath of fresh air.

Mindfy is an application designed for people who are constantly engaged and who find it difficult to carve out time for themselves. If you are like this, this app can be very useful for finding the time you need for relaxation and meditation.

Finally Buddify. A meditative wheel will teach you some exercises to find the right relaxation in every situation; a kind of facilitator that will push you to become familiar with meditation and learn in a short time to manage this activity independently.

And now choose the relaxation app that best suits you and let your consciousness go so you can be mentally stronger and certainly more productive.

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Author Bio: Megan Max encourages her collective work through her skills of creating professional animated videos for company and benefit people to appreciate the intellectual power through explainer videos.

Little Known Ways To Improve Yourself In Animating Characters

Animating Characters

Animation or technically called motion graphics is something that has amused people from centuries. You cannot deny the fact that irrespective of the age, everybody enjoys it. Since the time people used to carve drawings of the scene showing subtle movements to creating exceptional animation via latest software, it has spread its charm and is continuously pacing with full speed to secure a high position within the digital industry.

As the technological advancements flourish, many new tech houses have opened up to practice innovation. In such a time it’s best to gear up with unbeatable skills to showcase your services and expertise in the most professional manner.

Among the many things that are important in animation, one thing is to add detailing. The major area to add that detailing is when building characters. When making your characters you have to work on a number of things. You have to take notice of their movements along with compositions, colors to postures.

If you want to improve your skills you can follow the below-mentioned rules and tricks for making an awesome business animated video:

Improve Your Skills

The first thing that you need to do is to enhance your skills. You have to work on your expertise and get a better grip on brush using and tool selection. It’s important to work on the foundation before moving ahead. You must know the core concepts and the right use of various tools so that you can move on to using them expertly.

You need to acquire information about the different animation categories and types. From 3D to 2D to video scribing. Each type has its own rules and criteria to keep in mind when working on it.

Observe Real-Life Characters

In animation one thing that will help you a lot is seeking inspiration. You must learn to seek inspiration first from real-life characters and second form the work of experts. When talking about real life characters what you need to observe is the slights movements, gestures, and postures. You must note how the hand moves when a person is trying to stress on a point or when he is expressing something great or worst. The different mood shifts along with the changing expressions. The appearance of frown lines to the dimple in the cheeks.

The curve of the smile to the tightening of the face when angry. The jaw-dropping angles to shoulder movements. There is a lot of learning from a real-life character. You can even look yourself in the mirror and start learning a lot. Put yourself in some kind of character start act like it and record your video. After that loosely observe the video to know the details.

Study the Psychology behind Character Making

In characterization, the only appeal is to find how closely related the animated character is with the real world. If your character lacks in expressing emotions or making the right movements, viewers will be automatically drawn apart from your video. Your work will lose its essence and credibility. You must make sure that it is created in the perfect manner adding all the right detailing. From the trembling of lips to the shaking of hand to the eye movement, things must balance the nature and keep science intact whether your character is flying high like a skyscraper or swimming like a dolphin.

Keep It Simple

By simplicity here it means minimalism. The great advantages of a minimalist approach are that your work can fit on In any form. It will look classy and will compliment your entire them. You do not have to invest a lot of efforts in enhancing the entire outlook of your work as well.

When creating the personality of your character do not over bombard it with different personality elements. Like over curly hairs or huge boots like something. Keep it professional and sophisticated after all it is reflecting your brand’s image as well. It will ring ease in your production as well. You will get to spend minimal time and can work on adding and enhancing details of your character’s personality and his movements.

Wrapping Up

These were the few tips that can help in creating a successful character, one that can connect with the audience and compel them to check the entire video without any distraction.

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