Best Video Editing Software for YouTube


Video editing used to be a job strictly for professionals, but now just about anyone can do it. The YouTube community features many vloggers who edit their own videos. However, it’s not that easy to find good video editing software for YouTube. The best editing software for YouTube isn’t always the best video editing software for videos, so let’s get to the best video editor specifically for YouTubers. Also download Youtubego for pc , it is the latest version of youtube.

Best video editing software for YouTube videos

Premiere Pro CC

There’s no debating that the Premiere Pro CC is the best video editing software for YouTube in 2016 and it’s certainly the most powerful video editing software. It’s difficult to learn, but it’s definitely worth learning because you can do almost everything with it and the best part is that you can integrate it with other Adobe tools such as After Effects and Photoshop. With its lightweight proxies, you can easily switch between low-res and high-res formats so that you can edit videos on any system without overloading it. The Premiere Pro CC is also in my opinion the best because it offers enhanced Lumetri Color tools allowing you to perform enhanced edits on all qualities of videos with this tool.

It also offers SpeedLooks presets that you can apply with just a click, which makes Premiere Pro CC an ideal video editing software for YouTube. Also since it’s an Adobe product, in the future when creators dive deeper into special effects and audio improvements they can easily integrate it seamlessly with other Adobe products such as After Effects and Adobe Audition for improve functionality.

Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 13

Sony Creative Vegas Pro 13 is among the most expensive video editing software programs, but some users agree that it’s worth the price. What makes Vegas Pro so good is that it comes in different modes. You can work in the standard mode or the advanced mode. Other than that, there are two separate modes available, which make Vegas Pro 13 a video editing software for everyone. It offers a lot of functionality that you can utilize to edit great videos. Its drawbacks are that if the gesture control feature malfunctions, you’ll have to edit again from the start.

Compared to some free and budget video editors, it’s quite expensive, but it’s a professional video editor, so there’s not much comparison with basic video editing apps. It certainly offers enough features to edit basic videos, but advanced users can also make great use ofthefour-point editing modes offered by it.

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects CC is one of the most popular software packages in the motion graphics and visual effects category. After Effects CC is the software you need to get if you intend to add special effects to your YouTube videos. It offers some great features and a performance upgrade that makes it a favorite of professional video editors and animators.

After Effects CC is a powerful video editor so, you’ll need an up-to-date PC or Mac to use it to its fullest potential without experience delays in editing. You can easily download and install this software and even get a free trial. It offers a feature called Creative Cloud which makes it simple to display all the available applications. All the applications are displayed in a drop-down menu so that you can easily switch between the powerful Adobe tools and maintain your workflow. The Uninterrupted Preview feature lets you make your work more efficient. The only drawback is that it requires a powerful PC to run smoothly. It’s more of a tool for motion graphics designers, but video makers who love to animate their videos will absolutely love After Effects CC.

Best video editing software for YouTube free

Windows Movie Maker/iMovie

For those who only want to do the most basic and simple of editing should go for the best free video editing software. In the case of Windows OS, Windows Movie Maker is the basic video editor offered by Windows for free. It’s ideal for entry-level video makers. In fact, Windows Movie Maker is recommended for those who are just getting started, but later on, you’ll need to look elsewhere. For Mac users, iMovie is a good option, and it offers some good features for basic YouTubers. Although free for Mac users, others have to purchase it for $15.


LightWorks is another great option for those who want free YouTube editing software, but it’s a tool for basic videos only. The good thing is, of course, that it’s free and available for both Windows and Mac users. LightWorks is often recommended by video makers to beginners who want to start with a free video editor, but if you want to do some high-level editing, you’ll need to consider getting the Premiere Pro CC or Vegas Pro 13.


If you’re looking for the best editing software for YouTube, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the clear pick. It’s the ideal software that lets you edit videos easily.

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