How to find the best bitcoin mining hardware ?

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With the development of technology, people started mining bitcoin using miners. In the beginning, it was done by company level but in the present, anybody can do it in the home. But finding the best bitcoin mining hardware is the tricky thing.

Here in this article, I am going to mention some important areas that you must follow before making the buying decision of bitcoin miners.


best bitcoin mining hardware

The first and most important thing that you should consider is the brand of the mining hardware. Bitmain and Avalon are the best brands that I can recommend. They are specialized in making mining machines for many years and their prices also reasonable.

When compared to Avalon machines, Bitmain has a low price. All the Avalon miners build with excellent engineering and high-quality materials. They have a good durability than most of the Bitmain miners. If a company produces every product like home appliances, swimming products, cookware, and bitcoin miners, never buy those brands, because bitcoin mining hardware needs a technology, which is very different from other products.

Hash Power

Hash power is the second most important thing that I can mention. It is the measurement, which measures the power of the mining machine. It is also known as Hash Rate and the symbols are H/s. Antminer s9 is the machine which as the largest amount of Hash power (14 TH/s).

With the incensement of hash power, the amount of bitcoin that can mine increases. If you are going to mine bitcoin as a hobby, no need of buying a machine which has more hash power. If you are looking for a considerable amount of profit and going to mine bitcoin to get the main income, always focus on the hash rate.

The normal way of Mining or Mining Rig

Mining rig means a connected series of miners which is designed to obtain a large profit than normal mining hardware. If there is a limited space in your home, or you need to start mining in your bedroom, you can not make a mining rig.

It produces a large amount of heat and noise. Therefore if you are planning to build a mining rig, make sure that you have another separate room which has a good airflow.

There are some special best bitcoin mining hardware for making mining rigs. Avalon 6 is a good example which costs under $300. If you can get an x profit using a single Avalon 6 miner (Y hash power), when you make a mining rig, according to the normal math, it should be 10x profit. But when we connected the mining hardware in a proper way, the total hash power increases than 10x. In simple words, we can get a large profit than 10x.

Quality of the mining hardware

According to the Products Explainer review website, always quality is the most important fact that you should focus on making any buying decision. There is no way to test the inner material quality without opening the miner.

But you can get an idea about the material by reading the buyer reviews of Amazon and the company review of the product. Although a mining hardware has a hashrate of 10 TH/s, if there are low-quality parts inside, it only a lifespan of one month. Because of the amount of heat that produce, lifespan decreases quickly.


Most of the beginners made the wrong decision in purchasing bitcoin mining hardware. If you don’t have a good understanding of these things, always read a complete review before making any buying decision. Otherwise, you will end up with a loss more than $100.

I hope you got some understanding from my post. If you have any question regarding this, please comment.

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