Animation Production for Beginners: Basic Tips for Character Designing

Animation Production for Beginners

The iconic animated characters that have gained prominence throughout history have some common attributes. It could be the design concept or the facial expressions but certain rules have been formed that once ignored, adversely affect the entire appeal of an animated character. You could follow the trends and design an animation but that would not have any significance at all. What possibly could be the solution then?

Turning an idea into a full-fledged animation requires a lot of dedication and effort. Therefore, before you find a professional video animation company for the need to animate the character you have drawn, look into the following tips that will simply sway away your audience.

Think about your audience

The preferences of your audience matter more as compared to yours. You might think certain colors and visuals would look pleasing but what if your audience does not like prefer them at all. The design of your animated character is based on what your viewers would like to see. If your target demographic is children then you should focus more on simplicity, shapes and vibrant colors. However, if you are drawing a character for someone then you first need to get the essential requirements from the client and then proceed to draw and animate the character.

Get inspiration where required

It is certain that you simply cannot come up with a new idea or design concept for your character overnight. You would have to research and analyze what is currently trending and what is not. You should not fret as the material you need for inspiration and research is easily available on websites, apps, and even paper magazines.

Look into the details of each character and then speculate if each drawing has repeated patterns, colors and overall aesthetics. Once you have studied every detail, it would be easy for you to come up with a design concept for your character from scratch.

Make sure it is distinctive

No matter what design concept you have chosen for your character, the only factor you have to take care of is to make it distinctive. A unique visual is never forgotten and if you want your animated video to be watched throughout the end by your viewers then you surely have to add a flair of uniqueness to it. Your character could be an animal or a completely fictional creature but it should not defy the concept of logic, as your viewers would not be able to build a feeling of association with the character.

Choose a relevant color palette

Colors do not only enhance the appeal of character design but also add personality to it. However, that does not mean you would use any colors without looking into the depth of design. The personality of your character that you want to convey to your audience might be compassionate one but if you choose mundane and dark colors for it then your audience would never get that impression. Choose the right set of colors that can improve the qualities you are trying to portray and exhibit.

Add personality to character creation

A relevant color palette is not the only element that gives personality to your character as your art style matters as well. From the looks to the postures you have drawn, every little factor matters to make a good character design. However, it is not easy to give a character personality in a single static visual. When you animate, you merge multiple layers of designs and each layer has different movement and motion or else, the animated result would look stagnant.

Focus on the poses and postures of your character as well as the expressions. You do not have to change your art style completely for it but you just have to follow what infuses emotional association to an animated character and you are good to go.

Use the right facial expressions

Expressions convey not only the emotions of a character but also work in establishing an emotional connection with the viewer. Your character might have a tragic backstory or an easy-going personality but the script and design style alone would not be enough to convey it. Analyze how you want your character to react, express emotion, and only then introduce those aspects to the facial expressions of the character. Do not keep your focus on symmetry as it stiffens up the facial features instead be fluid and opt for a smooth design approach that looks more natural to the eye.

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