Turn old Android mobile into a security camera

turn old android mobile into security camera

Now that you have bought your latest, tech-savvy phone what exactly do you do with your boring old Android phone? Just because you got bored with it does not mean it is no more useful considering the fact that it is still in good working condition. In maximum case, people put it at some corner of their cupboard and forget they ever had that phone. If you also are one of them get up and get it out from your cupboard as it is the best savior you would even own only if you know how your old phone can still serve you. Yes, hold that thought because I am going to tell you how to turn it into Security Camera. Let me elaborate so that you open your eyes and start loving your old phone the same way you did in the very early days when you bought it.

First, let me tell you the benefits of a security camera so that you would get to know how your Android phone will work for you:

  • If you own a shop that is quite big, and as the theft rate is increasing, you can use it to monitor the customers. 
  • Who enters your house!
  • The maids working inside your house.
  • Your children, while they’re playing outside, can be monitored easily

Now that you know how useful your Android phone let us know how to turn the old Android phone as a security camera. 

You can possibly do this with the help of IP Webcam, a commonly known app found on the Play Store. It features a video with high-quality as well as audio streaming with sound triggers to detect motion.

Follow the steps to turn your Android phone into a security camera:

Before you install IP Webcam and make sure you are connected to a WiFi network. Your phone, as well as another device, should be connected to WiFi connection the same as the android device.

Step 1: Download the IP Webcam app on your Android device from the play store.

Once you have successfully installed the app you’ll find various options where you will be able to edit video resolution, power management, effects, audio mode, interface, and motion detection. 

Step 2: Configuring the app settings according to your comfort.

Step 3: Tap Start server.

As the camera starts you’ll find IP address which you will need to go to the page where video streaming is done.

Step 4: Open it into a web browser on another device that you will be using for streaming video recording. 

Step 5: Select the video and audio option on that page where you can see the streaming video. 

Now that you know how to use an Android device to a security camera, fit it at the location where you wish to monitor. Also, adjust the camera to get the view around that area fully. 

Congratulations! Now you are done converting your Android device into a security camera. You can also use it like any other purpose unless you know the proper apps that would assist you to get your job done. Go ahead and try this out and let us know your experience in the comment below. 

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