Air Pods 2: Everything We Know About Wireless Headphones Next-Gen

Apple could hold a special event in October in which the company would present new hardware products such as an iPad with a completely renewed design without a start button, with Face ID and with the narrowest side bezels; the update of iMac, Mac and MacBook devices, a second-generation Apple Pencil, some air Pods 2 … and the signing of the apple could also take advantage of the event to make way for the launch of the awaited Airpower charging dock and the new iPhone XR smartphone.

During the fun video introducing the September keynote, we saw a girl running around the Apple Park (a la Mission Impossible) with a mysterious briefcase while on her way to the Steve Jobs Theater. Interestingly, this young woman wore air Pods that did not appear to be the originals. In fact, the differences were so obvious that many users suspect that it was a clue to the presentation of second-generation air Pods.

Apple has not yet announced the release of air Pods 2, but at this point dozens of rumors circulate on the network about its technical specifications and native mobile app specific to airpods, its features and other very interesting details. In this article, we will talk about some of them. All the news we expect from next-gen air Pods!

All about the new air Pods

1. Wireless Charging

This innovation is virtually guaranteed, because during the presentation of the wireless charging base Airpower, Apple showed a case for air Pods. Although the project has been delayed for unknown reasons, since it should have been launched at the beginning of 2018. It is speculated that the Airpower could be presented this fall and that its price would be $ 150. As long as, of course, the product has not been canceled by the company of the bitten apple. That would be a real failure.

2. More Resistance to Water

More resistance to water

Apple has improved the water resistance of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max with an IP68 certificate. Therefore, it makes sense that the company of the bitten apple does the same with its Air Pods 2. Of course, this does not mean that you can put the Air Pods 2 and dive to meters and meters deep. But they would endure a greater amount of rain, sweat and even small dips in water caused by carelessness and falls.

3. Speech Recognition

a girl

During the video of introduction of the keynote of which we spoke before, the protagonist activated the services of Siri without pressing any button in his Air Pods. It could be a clue about the possible integration of the “Hey Siri” function in the second generation of wireless headphones. Apple always tends to opt for simplicity. It is possible that the second generation of Air Pods have hands-free communication with the virtual assistant. So Siri will be activated whenever you use the phrase “Hey Siri”.

4. W2 chip and More Battery

W2 chip and more battery

The first Air Pods had W1 chips, but there is already a W2 processor that was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 3. In any case, it would be rather strange that the company of the bitten apple presented a second generation Air Pods without updating the W2 chip. In addition, there is a very good reason for this change: one of the great benefits of the W2 chip is that it is much more efficient than the W1. What does this mean? Well, wearable’s would spend much less energy, which would imply a considerable increase in battery life. On the other hand, there is also a W3 chip implemented in the Apple Watch Series 4. But it would be more reasonable to use the W2 chip to reduce costs in a device as small as the Air Pods 2.

5. Cancellation of Noise

Cancellation of noise

This feature is the least rumored in relation to the AirPods 2. But there are some reasons why Apple could implement noise cancellation in its second generation wireless headphones. First of all, we have seen this technology in Samsung headsets and even in Apple Beats products. In addition, noise cancellation could help solve one of the most common AirPods problems. It is impossible to create air dots that fit perfectly to the ears of all consumers, but adding noise cancellation would reduce the problems with sound leakage.

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