A Lifestyle Fitness Guru, Loved by many Because of his Humorous Attitude

Although many influencers in this era lack humor, they are successful. Nathan Goestenkers, a lifestyle expert and a sales specialist, is not only humorous but also a successful owner of many businesses. Nathan earned his bachelor’s degree in leadership as well as a cyber security certification from Fontbonne University in Saint Louis, Missouri. He has a keen interest in social media and entertainment, education, attitude, and fitness. Nathan is followed by more than 15k people on Instagram and is growing rapidly @nathangoestenkors (https://www.instagram.com/nathangoestenkors/). Nathan’s captions for his Instagram photos are always amusing, along with his content. In one of his posts, he was in a lake and described it as no swimming permitted. Nathan has posted many pictures and videos with humorous captions.

Nathan also motivates many young people to lose weight and gain muscle as Nathan himself used to be skinny and non-muscular. Nathan even created his pre-workout supplement called “Flare” (https://www.flarepre.com/). Flare is not the only brand he owns; in a surprisingly short period, Nathan developed several unrelated profitable businesses using Fawst Projects. He has also aided other firms in establishing themselves in the market through Fawst Projects.

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