6 Best in-ear Headphones

Musical tastes are expressed not only in the choice of artists, genres but also in what devices are given preference. Some will not be puzzling for a long time and will buy the first headphones in the transition, while others will seriously approach the issue, having plunged before acquiring materials to study, viewing reviews of various models. Our article is just for the second category of people. We have prepared a short description of a variety of in-ear headphones, noted the features that distinguish them from their counterparts, as well as the pros and cons.

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Classic in-ear headphones (“tablet”)

1More E1008 – bass sound

1More E1008

This model is best suited for listening to popular modern music. The filling is a ceramic and dynamic emitter. The sound picture is saturated with bass, but they sometimes creep into mid frequencies.

The entire body is made of durable but lightweight metal. The design is familiar to the company: the combination of gold and dark plays in contrast, attracting attention.

Even though the headphones are already open, the engineers added extra holes from the outside to enhance the imaginary scene.


  •   comfortable fit;
  • rich equipment (a case with a magnetic valve, a clip for mounting, an air adapter and several pairs of rubber and foam nozzles)
  • L-shaped plug;
  • relatively inexpensive – 5 thousand rubles.


  •  not enough detail;
  • lack of sound insulation;
  • non-replaceable cable.

Sennheiser MX 585 – detailed sound and powerful low frequencies

Sennheiser MX 585

These miniature liners have incredible power. The sound picture is detailed, and the emphasis is on low frequencies.

The ergonomic design allows you to be in headphones for quite a long time without discomfort. Balanced cable with volume control.

The connector is L-shaped, 3, 5 mm, which will please fans of compactness. The package includes a pair of ear cushions and a fabric cover in which there is enough space for the iPod.


  • lightweight and ergonomic;
  • sound nuances are clearly traced;
  • maximum reproduction of frequencies up to 20 000 Hz;
  • low cost – 1.500 p.


  • You may need an equalizer to get better sound.

Xiaomi 1More EO320 Single Driver – high detail

Xiaomi 1More EO320

The new in-ear headphones from 1More and Xiaomi will please many fans to listen to music. In addition to the minimalist and elegant design, they have good technical characteristics.

For the manufacture of manufacturers used aerospace composite materials, including for the diaphragm. It is three-tier, so it makes it possible to hear even small details in the sound of the composition being played.

The headset is built into the cable, which transmits voice without excessive noise and distortion, as there is resistance to electromagnetic and crosstalk.


  • the latest production materials;
  • a wide range of frequencies up to 20 000 Hz;
  • reasonable price – 1.200 p.


  •  fixed cable

Vacuum in-ear headphones

Meizu EP51 – no wires and moisture protection

Meizu EP51

The development of the company Meizu will appeal to athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Headphones are equipped with a special mount, which is fixed on the auricle so that the plugs will remain in place even when running or jumping.

Support for Bluetooth 4.0, Apt-X and + EDR allows you to not lose in sound quality when streaming. One charge is enough for about 6 hours of continuous listening. It will take not much time to recharge, just 1-2 hours.


  •  clear bass;
  • maximum reproduction of the frequency range up to 20 000 Hz;
  • high level of noise insulation;
  • moisture protection;
  • relatively cheap – 1.900 p.


  • Medium-sized microphone

1More Triple Driver LTNG In-Ear Headphones (E1001) – Detail and Clear Sound

1More Triple Driver LTNG In-Ear Headphones (E1001)

Headphones are just a gift for those who prefer multi-genre music. The filling consists of three dynamic drivers and double balanced reinforcement, which allows to detail the sound, eliminate any distortion and purely prescribe both high, low and medium frequencies.

The E1001 also bribes with pronounced bass. The cable has a fabric braid and is reinforced with Kevlar, so it does not harden in the cold and does not get tangled. The body is made of durable but lightweight aluminum.


  • stylish expensive design;
  • compatibility with IOS and Android
  • ergonomics and the ability to choose the right size with the nozzles
  • There is a built-in headset that allows you to manage music and calls
  • rich equipment (hard case, air adapter and 8 pairs of interchangeable nozzles of foam and silicone).


  • straight plug

Sony MDR-XB510AS – sports headphones with moisture protection

Sony MDR-XB510AS

These headphones are a great option for athletes. They are not afraid of sweat; they can all be washed under a water jet. Since the model is designed for active people, ergonomics plays a major role.

Each plug has a special silicone holder, which is fixed in the auricle, securing the earphone in place even more firmly. Thanks to the 12 mm reinforcement radiator, the sound is clear and deep. Particular attention is paid to the bass, but the low frequencies are enhanced.


  • high volume
  • insulation at a good level
  • there is a headset
  • cable with L-shaped connector
  • Included are additional pairs of different sized nozzles
  • low cost – 2 thousand rubles.


  • Songs with a lot of guitar sound will be unclear.

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