5 Steps To Make A Killer Explainer Video

explainer videos

Did you know an explainer animated video can increase your business sales by up to 20%? It is an excellent marketing style that can promote your products and generate more leads for your business to do that you need proper guidelines or it can hold back your promotions.

So here are five necessary steps to make a killer explainer video for your business.

Step #1: write an engaging script

A script is the backbone of any video. An explainer video, as depicted by the name, explains how your brand, company, and services work in a summarized form. Your video script needs to have all these three factors for it to be compelling.

You can start by making mind maps. Know your audience and create a creative brief which includes your goals and visions, the main message and a proper call-to-action to guide your customers through.

Find a balance between the word count and the time of the video. For instance, if your video is of 30 sec, make an 85 words long script for the video. Finding a perfect balance is the key!

Step #2: choose the right animation style

The key to creating a successful animated video for your business is to select the right type of explainer video to go with your business. There are many types of animation videos that you can choose from. The most common types that animated video explainer studio or companies use are the whiteboard animations, typography, 2d/3d animations, corporate videos, etc. the right style o video can take your business to miles!

Step #3: create animations

There is a comprehensive process before a video goes for animation. This step includes making illustration and characters for the animation. When explaining your product, service or brand, you need to keep these illustrations as simple as possible. Remember that you want to protect your information in a friendly, connecting and memorable way.

An animation for display can be damaging if various animations are jumping around in all the corners of the video distracting the viewers from perceiving the message. Consider this as a general rule, create a simple, fun and canny!

Step #4: the voice over

Once you have the animation in hand, you need to add the voice over of the scrip that you wrote in the first step along with an attractive soundtrack to engage the masses. Remember that you need a professional to do the job. The script must be read clearly, and with the correct pronunciation of the words, so it gets more comfortable for the people to understand it. After all, what’s the point of adding a voice over that can not be interpreted?

Step #5: share your video and enjoy the publicity

You carried the whole process of making a video for a reason. Moreover, that reason is to share it with the audience to generate more leads to your website. Use the power of an explainer video to tell a captivating story and communicate your ideas in a fun way. Once you’ve combined all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to upload your video on the social network.

An explainer video is great in complexity, but it gets you the attention you want. It is mostly used by business to get their message out the masses. It is considered an effective way of marketing and promoting a business. With that said, there are many cost-effective ways of making your own explainer video that can work out for your benefit. Moreover, these guidelines will help you to create a fun and innovative video for your company.

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