5 Relaxation App to Calm Down and Rediscover the Inspiration

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Yes, relax, take a break. Even your brain, like the rest of your body, can be tired.

Stress is his greatest enemy and to combat it he must de-concentrate, divert, think of something else, let his thoughts flow.

Easier said than done, you’ll think.

There are several strategies that you can actually put in place to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Today you can also ask for help in technology such as using one of these relaxing apps that can help you find calm and inspiration.

Take a break and recharge your brain with one of these relaxing apps

There are studies that demonstrate, tests in hand, that 10 minutes of meditation a day is sufficient to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

From this point of view, your device is not exactly a good ally as it helps to increase the levels of cortisol in the blood.

Yet there are apps that can help you find the right relaxation.

Such as Headspace, an application of mental coaching specifically designed to promote meditation and psychic rest.

Or Calm, which Apple named as the best osX app of 2017. Rich in soundtracks and relaxing images, it also offers tips and suggestions for daily relaxation. Not surprisingly, it was a great success.

But if you want to get rid of all kinds of negativity then you should try Personal Zen. If you are inclined to see the glass half empty, this sweet relaxation app is a real breath of fresh air.

Mindfy is an application designed for people who are constantly engaged and who find it difficult to carve out time for themselves. If you are like this, this app can be very useful for finding the time you need for relaxation and meditation.

Finally Buddify. A meditative wheel will teach you some exercises to find the right relaxation in every situation; a kind of facilitator that will push you to become familiar with meditation and learn in a short time to manage this activity independently.

And now choose the relaxation app that best suits you and let your consciousness go so you can be mentally stronger and certainly more productive.

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