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computer performance

The factors which affect on computer performance

There are a lot of factors which causes your computer to perform fast. Calculation speeds, Heat controlling, Read and write speeds of RAM, ROM and Primary storages are some of …

Best Budget Headphones of 2018

Epic Guide To Buy Headphones


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google pixel wireless earbuds

Would Google Pixel stop developing Wireless Earbuds?

As we all know Google Pixel 2 came with a pair of “Wireless Earbuds”. Well according to the rates and reviews given by the users, “They worked fine!” Fine? Yeah …

Apple moves to safeguard iPhone users’ eyes


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ios 12 public beta

You can now download iOS 12’s public beta

iOS12 public beta now available to download on the off chance that you ain’t afraid of bugs you would now be able to download ios 12 through apples open beta program. it includes animated emoji selfies streamlined notifications and a way to track your device usage. there’s also group facetime and improved phone …